"The Boy with the Faster Brain", written by Peter Shankman, is a wonderful book that I had the pleasure to illustrate. In this well written story, we follow the main character - Peter - through his journey on self acceptance, discoverings, and challenges about being a kid with ADHD. 
The book is available on Amazon, and you can see more by clicking here.
Based on few key characteristic's points, I came up with two options for the main character. The chosen one was the second option.
"The Boy with the Faster Brain" was a very special book for me, because the story dialogues directly with my own experiences growing up as a neurodivergent kid. So immediatly I connected with the subject of the book, and I aimed to portrait his inner world as best as I could. 
Peter Shankman also was a pleasure to work with. He gave me so much freedom to bring my own vision to his text, and I can only thank him for his patience and his insights.
Thank you for reading until here! If you have any questions about my work, feel free to email me. 
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