Sarhan was a peculiar Zebra. He was small, had long long ears, wild hair, and... so many stripes! Why couldn't Sarhan look like an elegant white horse?

"White Only" is a heart warming story about empowerment and self love. We follow Sarhan's journey to discover that comparison might not lead to the best places (or situations!), and that he might find in his true self so much joy and beauty. 

This is a book I illustrated and painted under the art direction of Hanan Armali, the writer and owner of Razi's World. You can find more of Hanan's work by clicking here.
Sarhan: the main character.
Other characters that appears in the book.

First half of the storyboard, before some final adjustments.

This book was decisive for me in terms of planning ahead and following steps.
I learned that the best way for me to work was to first do the character's sheet, in which we define what emotions each character will bring and how they are going to look. 

Then we started deciding the painting, the color palette for each characters and the overall mood for the book. In this stage, it was just the beginning of this decision - later on the storyboard stage we decided more about the color mood for the book and how and where we were going to draw the attention. The storyboard was one of the most important steps, because it's only by then that I can have this overall view of the book and if the story is being told with the right rhythm. 
I refined, then, all the sketches so we had a clear vision of each spread, and final but not least - the painting of the book. :)
The final step was to come up with the cover and the ending pages. 
Thank you for reading until here!
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